VideoHighlight: An easy and free to use platform to summarize any YouTube Video!

Katy Ramm
3 min readMay 26

Are you a reader or a listener?

How do you learn better? Which way do you prefer to use when you are searching for an answer, for a tutorial, or for a course?

I prefer to read text 90% of the time. Why? I can read at the speed I want, I can stop and take notes, I can summarize etc. I am also probably more of a ‘visual’ type of person. I remember what I ve seen and read, but not always what I have heard.

Perhaps now you can understand why I was so happy today to discover a brand new AI tool!

Introducing …
Video Highlight Dot Com :)

How does it work?

Let’s suppose that you want to see a video about anything that interests you, that you wish to learn but dont have the XX minutes to spare for watching it.

Let’s see what this site can do.

I will choose a video about stablecoins.

We will simply copy & paste the URL, before we click on ‘summarize’

What can we do now?

The website suggests that we sign up for the full experience.

When you click the link to register, you are invited to answer some questions about your needs and give your email if you wish to sign up.

Signed Up users have the possibility to have and export the full summary, to see the full text transcript and to highlight (or add notes) to any point, to see the history of their actions, and integrate the platform to notion or readwise.

Would I recommend this tool?

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