Time to Learn AI, Web3, Investing, Metaverse and more! FREE Lessons Come with Certificate & NFT

Katy Ramm
2 min readNov 2, 2023

We are getting close to the finish line of 2023, and one thing is for sure.
It has become incredibly easy to find knowledge about anything you wish to learn!

So, today I would like to inform you that there are some new, easy and FREE courses for you, offered by Decrypt.

Their topics? AI, Web3, Investing .. and more! (On top of NFTs and Metaverse courses that I had posted about in the past — check out this post if you wish to see more details about how to take the course and how to claim the NFT)

Let’s see how many courses are available and what is new!

In total, you will find 12 courses available, on a variety of themes, so you can organize your time and learn anything you wish!

Link to the courses: https://decrypt.co/university/courses

Newest Courses:

Crypto Investing: Fundamentals First

Intro to Fashion, Web3, and AI

Let me know if you are thinking of taking any of these courses, or your experience with taking online courses!

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Originally published at https://hive.blog on November 2, 2023.



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