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Time is our most Precious Gift….

Let’s embrace the journey ahead…

Katy Ramm
2 min readMar 21


Time, for ever flowing and never ending
A concept that always as mystery, remains
As we age, it transforms and changes
A dynamic force, elusive & always pending…

Remember when we were young? And full of love?
Oh how we wished that time most swiftly would pass
Seconds were eternities for us
As we were waiting what would yet come

But then we grow up, and quickly realize
How the moments are precious and dear
How it depends on us to have time near
And the value of them to recognize…

Time is a precious, unique gift we all receive,
Let’s make the most of every moment we are given
Let’s cherish the journey we are experiencing
We just need to remember to … BELIEVE!

Happy World Poetry Day!

Today I had to take an exam for which I had not studied as much as I wanted.
But I did it, I passed it! So I am happy and moving on to the next ones!

I wanted to write about time, because I was running to catch up today .. and every day ….
We need to respect, value and really make the most of our time.
Only if we respect our own time, we can move on ….

So be well, take care!

p.s. I took these images today and the weather did not help for better colors

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Originally published at on March 21, 2023.



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