Swift Scam Detection: How I spot SCAMS in 2 seconds

Katy Ramm
2 min readNov 19, 2023

If you are looking at a very quick way to identify if a website is legit or not, you need to read this.

I developed a method that takes only 2 seconds from the moment you click the link, to the moment you identify if you should keep looking or if you will just close the window and report the website or move on with your life.

How did it all start?

I am following a number of Discord servers, so yesterday I saw this message

Of course I had to check that out! (I am curious by nature)
So I clicked the site and.. (let the clock count seconds now)

2 seconds’ method

  • Site opens
  • Scroll down to the end. No social media / No contact us / No terms & services or privacy policy.

Conclusion Automatically I think to myself “RED FLAG”! STOP HERE

When I spot a red flag, I do not continue my navigation unless there is a specific reason. I usually report the website to google so that they can check if they are a phishing/scam/fraudulent site etc.

In this case, the user responded that to me

The scammers always find new ways to scam users.

Always stay vigilant and do your own research!

More ways to spot fraudulent websites & how to stay safe:





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