Real People on the Blockchain [Interview]

Do you believe in ‘aura’? I am not sure if I do, it is something I have not quite explored. But. There are people that just seeing them, you sense good vibes, pleasant feelings.

@thereikiforest is one of them.

I had come across her posts in the past, but mainly noticed on steem from the @actifit community. Whenever she would join Discord, she would be happy, pleasant and always with something nice to say to everyone!

Today, I am proud, honored to be able to present her to all of you through an interview.

This post is meant to be a celebration for [International Women’s Day].

March 8th, was initially established in New York after 1909. In some countries it is a national holiday and largely ignored elsewhere. In some places, it is a day of protest; in others, it is a day that celebrates womanhood.

I would also like to take this opportunity and introduce to you shortly my new project (more details below)

And now, without further due, let us meet @thereikiforest!

Thereikiforest — All Rights Reserved — Share with permission

A Little About Me:*I am an Actifit Moderator, Dedicated Actifitter, Full Time Caregiver, Friend of The Forest & Passionate Reiki Practitioner. I am also a proud member of the Power House Creatives Community as well as a Ulogger.*

Katerina: *Dear April first of all thank you sooo much for your time!*

*Please find here below a couple of questions I would like you to answer.
May I also use some of your images?*

April: You are most welcome. Thank you for the honor and absolutely, of course you can.

Katerina: Thank you again! 💙

— —

Q.: *Please tell us a little bit about you. Where do you live, what do you do?*

A.: Although I grew up in Massachusetts, not too far from Boston, I am now presently living in Western Maine. I am a full-time caregiver to both of my Parents and in addition to that I am a Reiki Practitioner & Teacher. I also quite enjoy all things nature and as such one of my projects is to clean/restore/cultivate a small patch of forest here where I live.

— -

Q.: *When did you join steem and how did you discover it?*

A.: I joined Steem slightly over two years ago, and I happened upon the information about it through what I consider to be a synchronicity. I had long dreamed of something like Steem existing, and when I was listening to a podcast by Sevn Bomar he mentioned it and I quickly jotted it down and signed up the same day (moments later in fact)

— -

Q.: *Do you remember your first impressions of the platform? Was it Which platform do you mostly use today?*

A: When I first joined I felt intimidated…very unsure if I would fit in & find my place on the platform. It seemed mostly to be filled with IT People & Professional Level Writers. Yes, it was at that time, and although I do still use that interface to interact with the platform, it is not my preference. I am quite fond of Actifit Dapp first and foremost and for the majority of my engagement I am presently using Partiko. I also occasionally use as well.

— -

Q.: *What made you stay on steem and not give up?*

A.: Honestly it has been the relationships I have developed here along the journey, most especially the Steemitbloggers aka Power House Creatives Community & Actifit. Both of these “families” have helped me to grow as a person and gain confidence in myself and what I have to share with the world.

— -

Q.: *What else do you do besides blogging in steemit?*

A.: I injoy spending as much time as I can in nature, healing the forest as mentioned above, sharing reiki with anyone that needs it, making my own crystal medicine jewelry, listening to music and dabbling in other creative outlets such making digital art & the like.

— —

Q.: *Do you use any other decentralized (or centralized) social media? What is your opinion about them?*

A.: I abandoned ship on all other Social Media shortly after making my way to Steem… However — I have recently started contributing to the Steem Twitter Hustler Campaign of Nathan Mars and I am thankful that I have, as it is further assisting in not only bringing light about Steem to the masses, but it also affords the opportunity to more deeply connect with fellow Steemians in a different way. I am also dabbling back in Facebook and hoping to bring some of the people I love there onboard to our awesome platform. It is slow going and feels weird but I won’t give up! I am also branching out to & whaleshares in the near future and will be picking up activity on Instagram as well.

— -

Q.: *When and how did you discover Actifit?*

A.: I discovered actifit shortly after it launched when another steemian had posted about their experience trying it out. It was long after that I downloaded the dapp and I’ve been hooked ever since. I wish I had gotten with it on day one!

— -

Q.: *What inspired you to join and why do you keep actifitting?*

A.: I was inspired to join as I believe in the vision and have always loved working out. It is in my blood! I keep actifitting as for me it feels like I found “home.”

— -

Q.: *After a while of successful actifitting you joined the team … Would you like to share some ‘behind the scene’ gossip or favorite scene?*

A.: I would respectfully decline on the behind the scenes gossip as that isn’t how I roll hehe :) but do please know that becoming part of the team is a great honor and highlight for me!

— -

Q.: *Tell us what Actifit is for you, in a couple of sentences or words* 🙃

A.: For me Actifit is Life…truly! I can’t imagine my life without actifit at this point. It helps me to stay present and fully appreciate each moment and how meaningful they are.

— -

Q.: *Would you like to mention some of the most inspiring actifitters that you enjoy following?*

A.: There are so many! But the first few that come to mind are @runridefly and his amazing energy! As well as @lightsplasher, @practicaleric & @roger5120.

— -

Q.: Why should people join Actifit Community?

A.: I feel people should join our community as we are a sincere group of people that cheer each other on to reach new heights, improve our wellness & have fun, we truly care about each other.

— -

Q.: Is there anything we forgot to ask but you would like to mention? 🤓

A.: I think that covers just about everything, but thank you for asking ❤

— -

Q.: *Where do we find and follow you?*

A.: You can find me as @thereikiforest on most places across the internet such as Steem of course, soon to be whaleshares &, I am also on [instagram](but not active at this time) and [Twitter] as mentioned above. On FB I have a page for @thereikiforest and my personal account April Newhall. Would love to connect with more actifitters everywhere :)

Thank you again so much for taking the time to interview me. It has been a pleasure & honor. Much love!

— — — — — — —

*I would like to take this moment and thank my dear @thereikiforest once more.*

*I feel honored that she took the time to respond to my many questions and I do feel the positive vibes she transmits.*

*Dear April, I hope you will always be healthy and smiley, so as to inspire me and all of us!*


— —

My project very very shortly

— -

What is the main problem of the ‘blockchain’ technology? People do not understand it and they are afraid to use it, or too busy to learn about it.

I believe all they have to do is learn about how & why different people from around the world use it. Only through successful use cases will mass adoption be possible. There are values, there are thoughts, feelings that define this technology -through the human use.

My thought is to interview people from steem (but not exclusively) and to post about it in a variety of social media channels.

To show people that we are real people. To show people what is going on in the blockchain, to share a variety of different points of view. There are content creators, athletes, photographers, artists, IT professionals and so many more here ……

I hope you can help me spread the story about …. #RealPeopleOnTheBlockchain #RPOTB (Any idea for a successful hashtag?)

And above all ..

Let’s be human, first of all .. and then everything else

Thank you for visiting; your comments, support, thoughts are always welcome!

Image Credits @thereikiforest — shared with permission & [Cover Image CC0]

[First published on steemit]