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Katy Ramm
3 min readMay 24

I am almost out in the open now!

After having a few very hectic days, after waking up very early to take a difficult exam. After having to work all day.. I can say that I can now get ready for …

the summer time! Not that there are not still things to be done, but there is also more free time and as I wait for the grades to show up (please please please send me good vibes), I can say that I have (probably 2 more exams next Fall) and then .. off to new adventures!

I will finally have more time to lie down to the flowers!

To hide between the vine leaves!

I will make new friends and take them to my yellow world!

Without missing my blue walks around!

I love this flower, I see it everywhere! It grows in the rocks, right next to the ocean. Everywhere! I have to find out its name. If you know it, please share :)

And this image is about something that I will soon share more information.

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