Oops, I Lost My Top Writer Badges

How to avoid it & how to become a top writer yourself!

Katy Ramm
3 min readMay 6


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Yes, I will not hide it from you, because I know you ll understand.

Yesterday I realized that I lost most of my top Medium Writer badges.

Well, I am left with one. I am still a top writer in ideas! Which is not bad!

But let’s start at the beginning.

What is a top writer?

For (almost) every tag in Medium, the 50 top writers who get more views and engagement receive an email and a special mention in their profile.

This can be seen in a writer’s ‘about’ section, but only from the desktop version, not the mobile app.

Being a top writer is certainly a reason to celebrate! You can also write it in your profile description, you have every right to brag about it because you deserve it!


But there is one thing to remember.

The top writers’ list is constantly being updated so you may lose your badge at any time! How? If you stop using the tag, if other writers are more successful than you are etc.

I used to be a top writer in photography, ideas, advice and I am not sure if there was something else. Yesterday I noticed that I am now a top writer only in the ‘ideas’ tag.

Are you wondering how to become a top writer?

It can’t be that difficult! The first time I became one, I did not even realize it! Sometimes you may receive the top-writer email after you become one for a few days.

If you are writing using only specific tags, then it is easier to become one and to hold on to your prestigious badge.



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