My Story’s Views & Earnings Tend to Zero

Don’t let it happen to you!

Katy Ramm
2 min readApr 29


I have been using medium for a few months and I have never seen this before.

screenshot of my Photo-Friday story stats

I have committed to myself to publish at least one story a day. And read the stories of my friends & interesting posts on a daily basis.

I never thought that one of my stories would be so ‘dead’

I wanted to post some of my photos yesterday, so I used the Medium app (I am on iOS)

I wrote a small poem to go with it and I just added my tags, hit publish… and let my post take its way to a new journey!

And I was so sad to see today that noone read it! Noone saw it. I only have 1 view, 1 read, 0 earnings and 1 person who clapped.

Why did that happen?

Everytime I create a post, I receive my post via email. Does this happen to you too?

For instance:

But I never received an email for this story.

So, if you are subscribe to me, I would like to ask you.

Have you received an email with this story?

Perhaps when we post using the Medium app, the stories are not shared with our subscribers?

Maybe Kristina God — Kristina, would you know that?

Thank you for your attention!



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