LeoFinance: A crypto-rewarding blogging platform! Learn all about it in this interview

Khal from LeoFinance is interviewed by Scott Cunningham!

Today is my nameday :) (In Greece we celebrate name days & birthdays too, lucky us!)

So what was the (online) best present I got very very early in the morning??

An interview of Khal by Scott :)

Who are they??? But of course, Khaleel Kazi is the LeoFinance Creator & Scott Cunningham is the creator of the show “Crypto & Things”. Make sure you follow Scott to be in the know for all things crypto >> https://twitter.com/ScottCBusiness

So, almost a half hour interview! Cool!

What will we learn?

How did it all start?

Is LeoFinance exclusively on Hive?

What is .. LeoFinance, do you know?

What is .. the Leo Token Economy?

“Learn why Leo is worth more than the Hive token itself.. & what Wrapped Leo is (WLEO)”

Could you imagine what a problem Leo solves? What do YOU think that it serves/solves for You?

For me, it is a pool of great (and timeless) content regarding crypto, development & finance!

[…] LeoFinance is my way of saying .. […] I can do the homepage of crypto , and make crypto usable for the average person.
Khaleel Kazi, LeoFinance

Where does Leo get its value from?

Where does the name LEO really come from?

Learn about what’s cooking and coming soon, learn about superpowers and about .. which influencer would Khal choose to join the platform?

And more … but I will not spoil this any more, watch the interview to find out more about our ..

Go-To place for Crypto & Finance related content!

Watch the Interview NOW

On LeoFinance: https://leofinance.io/@scottcbusiness/xfkgervn

On lbry: https://lbry.tv/@ScottCBusiness:4/leofinance:5

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