How to Create Links [Tutorial]

Katy Ramm
4 min readMar 20, 2023

This post will be about how someone can create links to include in their Medium stories. To some of you, this may sound too easy, but for some users, this could be proven to be very useful.

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There are two kind of links that you can use in your Medium stories: External Links & Internal Links

1. External Links

These are the links that point to any webpage we want. It can be a medium story, it can be any other external link, like our twitter account etc.

Let’s see how it works in Medium.

1.a Posting the link:

If you just post the link, you will actually get a ‘preview’ of the post.
This is nice, but it takes too much space from your page.

For instance

If you copy, paste and ‘enter’ the link of the medium story you want to share, you will get a nice preview of your post :)

1.b. There are sometimes that you want the link to be linked to certain words like this one.

To create a linked text / word / phrase you need to follow these steps:

a. Copy the link
b. Select the text you want to use and when you select it, you will see all these options on top. You need to select the 3rd one


c. Click on the 3rd option, paste the link and hit ‘enter’

Your text should look like this

And when the user clicks the link, they are transferred to your post.

I have used this method to post some of my useful posts as a footer



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