How Long Should We Wait and What For?

[A Photo Poem]

Katy Ramm
3 min readMay 3


I was waiting for the sun to rise,
I thought that it would make me smile
I hated the darkness in my life
I did not chase my dreams, for a long, long time…

I was waiting for the perfect day
I was waiting, then, to find my way

I was waiting for the stars, perfectly to align
And I kept looking up at the sky

Time passed, and passed again
Days went by, they were more than ten.

My head got tired, up above to look
Nothing changed, it was like a closed book

I closed my eyes, it seemed a century was gone
I opened them again, and I am mind blown..

I see the sky with hues of gold
A magical sunset begins to unfold

Unendingly gorgeous, for me alone



Katy Ramm

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