How I lost 75% of my Medium Referred Members

Katy Ramm
5 min readMay 28

Let’s take this opportunity to learn more about Medium Members & Medium Subscribers

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2 days ago, May 26th was the day when my Medium Membership was renewed.
Another 5$ a month so that I will be able to read all your stories and give back to you the attention you are giving to me.

May 26, was also the day when I noticed that 3 out of my 4 referred members did not continue their subscription. Was I surprised? To be honest no, not so much.

Not everyone thinks the same way.

People will not often take the time to research how they can make the most of something. They may try something spontaneously and if it does not work the way it is supposed to, they simply stop.

It’s just the way it is.

But I am here to tell you more about Medium Membership and about my experience. I will not ask you to become a Medium Paying Member or my subscriber, but I will tell you all the facts so that you can decide on your own.

First of all did you know that there can be confusion between subscribing to an author and between becoming a member using their referral link?

Let’s start with

What is a Medium Subscriber?

This can be confusing to a new member.
A subscriber is a person who subscribes to your stories. This means they have clicked on the little envelope next to your name, and they are among your subscribed members.

- What’s in it for you if you subscribe to someone?

1. You will not miss any of the authors stories, because you will receive them all to your email! (unless they are written on the mobile app, which means that no email will be sent)

2. If the person you subscribed to, sees your notification. They may reciprocate that good deed and subscribe to you too!
Of course you should always keep in mind that they can unsubscribe at any point (and you will not even be notified). Also, getting your stories in their email does not necessarily mean they will click any of…

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