From Waves to Wilderness

Katy Ramm
3 min readNov 24, 2023

I traveled a long distance today.
Hundreds of kilometers, with a specific goal to accomplish.

I cannot say much for my goal, or for my travel.
But I am happy to show you some of my photos of today.

And I will start with what impressed me the more.

A ship ashore.

I stopped at a stop, next to a road curve. And I decided to walk just a little bit, to take some shots of the moon and the mountains.

But guess what I saw a few meters away.

A ship surrounded by such a vivid sunset, that hid its rust.

I moved closer

This is how it looked like

I wanted to shoot more details, but I had run out of time

The moon is about to become full in a few days.



Katy Ramm

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