Follow this ONE Rule &You Will NEVER Get Scammed

Katy Ramm
5 min readMar 19

I have been part of many crypto communities since 2017. You cannot believe how many scams have passed from my messages and how many times I tried to prevent users from getting scammed.

Unfortunately, scammers always seem to be steps ahead of technology & authorities. As technology progresses, so do the scammers ways of trying to earn from our ignorance.

I still cannot believe how easily people will fall for scams. I keep wondering.

WHY? WHY can’t they see that this is just WRONG? It makes NO SENSE! Why?

There are several reasons why people fall for scams so easily.

First of all, there are experienced users and inexperienced users.

Not everyone knows how to handle online systems, or has basic security concepts in mind. After all, we are not born with these abilities, we learn them as we progress.

Digital literacy is a crucial skill, which we should definitely acquire and pass on to everyone we know :)

One of the main reasons that people fall for scammers is that they want to HOPE that something is real.

Usually, due to hope that something is real, they just choose to believe something that is .. unbelievable. If not, they feel they will have missed a great opportunity. Scammers are very smart in creating FOMO situations for us. (Fear of Missing Out)

“Hey, I got a great offer for you, but you got to act NOW, or you will miss it and the next one wins”

So, they naturally think. Oh, then I should do it NOW! And they lose. Sometimes more than they afford to lose.

Now, I will share with you one very important thing to always keep in mind so that you never get scammed, and below some more generic rules to keep in mind.

Please note that these are from my personal experience. After a few months I will try to create a series of more detailed articles that everyone will be able to read and follow for a safe online (and offline) journey.

Rule Number 1 — and most important.

If someone invites you do to something that…

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