April Earnings Report: How I Made $280,27 Online from Blogging

(Breakdown of my earnings — Hive, Medium, Publish0x)

Katy Ramm
4 min readMay 1


It’s that time of the month! 1st day — and it’s now MAY!
Crypto never sleeps, not even in Labour Day.

So without any further ado, let us dive into my latest earnings report.

I got to warn you, it is not fancy, it is not much.

But what matters to me is that this beneficial, fun, rewarding, and educational experience has become a daily hobbit and I have too much fun doing that! Any rewards that come with, are simply the cherry on top of the cake :) 🍒

Wanna know a couple of fun facts about May?

— May is named after the Greek goddess Maia, who was the goddess of fertility and spring
— May is the month with the highest number of weddings in the United States, with many couples choosing the month for its pleasant weather and beautiful flowers.

Already 4 months into 2023! Let’s see what this month has left us to examine, to see thoroughly, to analyze and to help us decide further.

created in Canva

I will below analyze the earnings from my blogging activities, through:

Hive — LeoFinance

I have not yet started noting the rest of the tokens that I receive every month. It is too much work and extremely difficult for me to do it at the moment. However, in the below report I will show you the amounts earned. Please note that I have already been on this platform since its birth and active (sometimes more and sometimes less), on a daily basis.

The total amount earned for the month of April is $243.96 -

There is a small increase from last month, so it is a fine outcome for me.

Many of the statistics derive from: https://hivestats.io

My curation is high even though I drain my VP

And here is the 30 days window statistics by hivestats



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