Khal from LeoFinance is interviewed by Scott Cunningham!

Today is my nameday :) (In Greece we celebrate name days & birthdays too, lucky us!)

So what was the (online) best present I got very very early in the morning??

An interview of Khal by Scott :)

Who are they??? But of course, Khaleel Kazi is the LeoFinance Creator & Scott Cunningham is the creator of the show “Crypto & Things”. Make sure you follow Scott to be in the know for all things crypto >>

So, almost a half hour interview! Cool!

What will we learn?

“Learn why Leo is worth more than the Hive token itself.. & what Wrapped Leo is (WLEO)”

For me, it is a pool of great…

My first interaction with Touch Social ($TST) was when they followed me on twitter. I try to always keep my eyes and ears open to new projects, especially the blockchain ones.

First thing I did, I visited their website and received some information, something I usually check when they have team information is if the team members are real people with real activity.

After signing up to join the beta, I waited patiently and was very surprised to receive a direct message with information about the newly launched app at the playstore
The app is currently only available for Android…

Do you believe in ‘aura’? I am not sure if I do, it is something I have not quite explored. But. There are people that just seeing them, you sense good vibes, pleasant feelings.

@thereikiforest is one of them.

I had come across her posts in the past, but mainly noticed on steem from the @actifit community. Whenever she would join Discord, she would be happy, pleasant and always with something nice to say to everyone!

Today, I am proud, honored to be able to present her to all of you through an interview.

This post is meant to be…

Katy Ramm

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